SiWIM as a service

Measurements on demand

Measurements on demand

SiWIM system is the first high-speed weigh-in-motion system in the world which can be rented as part of a service package. Our field technicians take care of all the logistics (installation, calibration, supervision and deinstallation), and the customer receives a report.

The following two reports are available:

  • bridge assessment report, where the end customer gets an evaluation of the remaining lifespan of a bridge
  • traffic analysis report which includes traffic statistics (classification of vehicles, structure and hourly distribution of overloaded vehicles etc.), calculation of pavement’s service life and road damage caused by overweight HGVs


Road network overview

Road network overview

Since the SiWIM system is fully portable, a statistical analysis of heavy traffic on the road network can be done very quickly as part of a service package. This gives the customer a complete overview on road sections with the highest percentage of overweight HGVs, the hourly distribution of heavy traffic, types of trucks which are most commonly overloaded etc. Based on such a comprehensive analysis, measures can be taken to increase law enforcement activity, install road weigh-in-motion systems on the most problematic road sections and design or reconstruct roads in line with actual traffic load data.

SiWIM’s vehicle classification table is highly customizable, so our services are available to customers all across the world.

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