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Detecting the beat of the bridge

With over 30 years of experience in bridge weigh-in-motion measurements, bridge assessments and traffic data, Cestel is one of the world’s leading companies in the fields of high-speed weigh-in-motion and traffic analysis.

Our company has successfully concluded projects in more than 30 countries across the globe, but at the same time we manage to keep a personal relationship with our partners. When you call us, we will pick up the phone.


Founded in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Strong partnership

worldwide measurements

Strong partnership

We cooperate with a number of private sector partners, infrastructure owners and public authorities all across the world.

Our company puts a lot of emphasis on research and development, so we also regularly collaborate with numerous research institutions and universities.


years of experience

fully portable, highly accurate and reliable Bridge Weigh-in-Motion System.

To weigh vehicles in motion, SiWIM® Bridge weigh-in-motion system uses instrumented existing bridges or culverts in the road network.

In general, strains are measured on the main longitudinal members of the bridge to provide records describing the behaviour of the structure under the moving vehicle load.

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Robert Brozovič


Robert Brozovič

Matija Mavrič

Head of sales and Marketing

Matija Mavrič

Gašper Oman

Head of services

Gašper Oman

Julijana Jamnik

Head of analysis

Julijana Jamnik

Igor Žitnik

Head of technical support

Igor Žitnik

Matjaž Skobir

Head of research and development

Matjaž Skobir

Matjaž Sokol

Project manager

Matjaž Sokol

Martin Hauptman

Sales representative

Martin Hauptman

Teo Zalar

Sales representative

Teo Zalar


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Establishment of Elektronika Brozovič, Cestel’s precursor

The first traffic counters were introduced in Slovenia. Business operations included installation of traffic counters, maintenance and data processing, servicing and calibration of static scales.


Cestel d.o.o.

Reorganization of Elektronika Brozovič to Cestel d.o.o.


Contract for heavy vehicles control with road directorate of Slovenia

Establishment of regular control over overweight vehicles.


Start of SiWIM development

In cooporation with the Slovenian national building and civil engineering institute.



The first commercially available bridge weigh-in-motion system.


SiWIM Mkll

Addition of cameras, online application, remote access to the system etc.


Exceptional transport control


SiWIM Mklll

Upgraded computer, addition of external router, digital axle detection etc.



Standardization of the system and acquisition of international certificates, new weighing sensors and many technical improvements.


30th anniversary of the company

More than 5000 measurements

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